Other ZAP Glues

ZAP-A-DAP-A-GOO: All purpose adhesive and sealant. Not a super glue. Bonds virtually anything to anything. Gooey, strong, yet flexible formula. Bonds may be cut with a razor knife. Perfect for around the home fix-it, mend-it, and stick-it jobs. Works where others won't.

ZAP-RT Rubber Toughened CA: is extremely strong and remains flexable, permament bond, perfect for high vibration areas, clear thick formula, no drip tip

AFTER RUN: Corrosion inhibitor. Safe for use on all metals and contact with plastics. One treatment lasts for months. AFTER RUN uses advanced technology to restore conductivity on electrical connections and prevent corrosion.

Z-POXY: The world's finest 5 minute EPOXY. Clear, equal mix, cures in less than 5 minutes. Fuel proof, vibration resistant formula. Flexible and durable, yet remains sandable too. Does not brittle with age. 30 minute epoxy has a 15 minute working time and then cures in 30 minutes. Finishing epoxy is an equal mix, odorless formula. Cures in 6-8 hours.

FIBER-POXY: Fiberglass adhesive ideal for epoxy and polyester fiberglass. Dual dispenser, sets in 3 to 4 minutes, ready to handle in 15 minutes. Waterproof and flexible, ideal for metal, glass, concrete, porcelain, china, ceramics and many other materials. NOT recommended for bonding polyethylene or polypropylene.

PT-12 Zap-A-Dap-A-Goo - 1oz. tube $4.19 $3.35
PT-44 Zap RT Rubber Toughened CA - 1 oz. $9.99 $7.99
PT-31 After Run - 1 oz. bottle $5.99 $4.79
PT-37 5 Minute Z-Poxy - 4 oz. $11.99 $9.59
PT-36 5 Minute Z-Poxy - Syringe 1 oz. $5.49 $4.39
PT-38 5 Minute Z-Poxy - 8 oz. $16.49 $13.19
PT-35 15 Minute Z-Poxy - 4 oz. $11.99 $9.59
PT-39 30 Minute Z-Poxy - 8 oz. $16.49 $13.19
PT-40 Z-Poxy Epoxy Finishing Resin - 12 oz. $21.99 $17.59

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