Other ZAP Glues

ZAP GEL: Zap Gel is the thickest and strongest glue in the line. the ideal product for high stress areas or for any load bearing parts. Zap Gel will not run even on a vertical surface. Great for modelers, hobbyists, jewelry manufacturers, fishing lure and furniture makers.

Z-42 THREAD LOCKER BLUE: Metal-to-Metal Formula. The finest blue thread locker your money can buy! Prevents loosening due to high vibration. Parts disassemble with simple and tools.

Z-71 Thread Locker Red: Perminanent strength. Locks and seals metal nuts, bolts, and studs. Holds from 65 degrees F up to 300 degrees F. Resistant to gas, oil, etc.

HINGE GLUE: Bonds virtually any hinge material. Works on all materials except styrofoam. Easy to use. Handles in 30 minutes.

CANOPY GLUE: Formula 560 Canopy glue. The world's best canopy adhesive. Works on all materials and dries clear.

RAIL ZAP: Track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for your rails. high-tech concentrated formula, cleans and restores electrical conductivity. Eliminates "sparking."

PT-26 Zap Gel - 20 grams $9.39 $7.51
PT-27 Zap Gel - 3 grams $1.99 $1.59
PT-42 Z-42 Thread Locker - .20 fl. oz $4.49 $3.59
PT-71 Z-71 Thread Locker Red - .20 fl. oz $4.49 $3.59
PT-56 Canopy Glue - 2 oz. bottle $4.29 $3.43
PT-23 Rail Zap - 1 oz. bottle $5.99 $4.79

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